Grace Remembered


Grace Episcopal Church established June 1910

Serving the Glendora Community for more than 113 years, several of our members have taken the time to collect, research and document the history of Grace Episcopal Church. A very special thanks go to Zella Cramer for leading this gallant effort and creating these great historically accurate documents of our past.

Please take a few moments and enjoy the history of so many things that we all take for granted day to day in our Church and our surroundings. This page of articles will be updated by the Historical Ministry on a regular basis, please check back for new information on a regular basis. Many people are responsible for these articles including: Mary Ann Burkhalter, Zella Cramer, David Aldrete, Jacqueline Stong, Frank Boyd and The Reverend Susan Scranton.


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Memories of the Church that Love Built, Lovingly Compiled

Original First Transcript of Grace Episcopal Church 1912, by Marylen Hart

Minutes from Grace Vestry “Men Smokers” 1929, introduction by Marylen Hart

Dedication of Outdoor Chapel, October 1936

The Grand Choir Window of Grace Episcopal Church, by Mary Ann Burkhalter and David Aldrete

The Christmas Pageant of 1945

The Little Brown Church in the Vale, by Zella Cramer and Mary Ann Burkhalter

Heinz Rubel and the Church that Love Built, by Frank Boyd

A Memoir of the Embroidery Guild of Grace Church, introduction by Mary Ann Burkhalter

The Rubel Chapel Window of Grace Episcopal Church, by Mary Ann Burkhalter

A Saga of Service: the Wards and Others, by Mary Ann Burkhalter and Zella Cramer

John Charles Henry Brunjes and Hilda Wilkins Brunjes, by Mary Ann Burkhalter and Zella Cramer

Grace Music Ministry – under the Direction of Nona Cowles Essingham, by Jacqueline Stong