Scrip Program


This is where your everyday shopping allows us to grow!

Orders are placed on the first Sunday of each Month

You can order at any time by contacting Bobbi at

 It is easy:

More than fifteen thousand non-profit organizations all over the country are taking advantage of scrip fundraising, and we can, too. Don’t use cash or credit to pay for your regular household purchases; use scrip gift cards. This program is growing under the direction of our own Bobbi Patterson.

 Order Calendar:

Although you can place your order with Grace Church at any time, for the present, we are ordering Scrip only once a month, after the first Sunday of the Month. Your order must be accompanied with your payment for your scrip/gift cards. 

On Line Payments

If you wish to use this WEB site for your online orders and payments, please do so at a minimum of 7 days prior to the end of the month for delivery in the following month.  In the memo field please note  what you are ordering, the dollar amount and other special instructions.  It is also critical that you pay the processing fee for using the online payment program.  It is very critical you process your payment at least 7 days prior to the end of the month.  Additionally, please send a note to as a reminder of your order.  For online payment of scrip, please click here:   Scrip Online Payment

It adds up:

By simply planning ahead on everyday purchases like groceries, gas, restaurants, clothes, entertainment, and home repair, the average family can earn at least $11 a week. That modest number adds up quickly – over $500 a year for an average family is not unusual.

Want More Information? Click Here: Shop with Scrip Web Site

Here is a list of participating vendors: most gas stations, grocery stores, electronic stores, big discount stores, and many more. Click here for a full listing.

If you have questions or wish more information, please contact the Church Office or contact Bobbi after a Sunday’s service to place an order or get your questions answered. This is a great program in which everyone can participate. At no additional cost to you, the Church and our programs will benefit. Thanks!