Our Church Leadership

Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the

people who have stepped up to lead. Here are a few of the people

that make our church community special for 2022:


Grace Vestry 2022:

Hannah Palpant, Senior Warden

David Aldrete, Junior Warden

Jared Anders

Marylen Hart

Patrick McAlmond

Laurel McKenzie

Bobbi Patterson

Lucie Pelleriti

Cassy Shields

Miles Bresee – Treasurer

Convention Delegates:

An Assigned Vestry Member – Hannah Palpant
Miles Bresee  and Kathi Ferris

Convention Alternate Delegates:

Grace Staff

Reverend Susan L. Scranton – Rector
Reverend James Seipel, Assisting Priest

Jade Lakin-Petteruto – Youth Director
Nancy Rice – Administrative Assistant

Todd Rice – Buildings and Grounds

David Aldrete – Choirmaster
Marilyn Scranton – Handbell Director
Rick Sandona – Webmaster and IT Services