Thanks to Grace's Graduating Seniors June 2018

This year the congregation celebrates the graduation of several wonderful members of our church.  All starting with us as children, we have watched and enjoyed each of these very special people grown into mature, responsible adults.  (Please see video links at the bottom of the page)


John Boyd

Graduated from Glendora High School

Class of 2018

Going to San Francisco State University in September


Molly Kawamoto

Graduated May 21st from Laguna College of Art and Design

LCAD degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts

with emphasis in  Animation - Awarded Cum Laude!


Katherine Rice

Graduated May 13th from the University of Puget Sound, Tocoma, Washington

Double Major in Environmental Policy and Decision Making

and Sicence, Technology and Society.

Now working for Tacoma Power as a policy analyst and green technology



Hannah Palpant, DTL

Doctorate of Transformational Leadership with emphasis on  Entrepreneurial

Organizational Transformation from Bakke Graduate University

AND....became a new MOM!


 DSC 0242





January 16, 2019


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