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The AIDS crisis is killing our brothers and sisters in Kenya and devastating their families.  The most tragic result of the epidemic is the stunning number of healthy children left homeless and starving as a direct result of the deaths of their parents and relatives.  At the present rate of infection, statistics suggest that AIDS will orphan 20 million African children by the year 2012. 


In March of 2003, in partnership with Discover the World, Inc., a religious, non-profit corporation that had its genesis in World Vision, the first Shepherd’s Home was opened in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  Now they have a home and school for girls in Sigona, and the Gilgil home for boys, and the Dayspring School in Nairobi.  The children receive the security of food, clothing supplied by these homes, and are also provided a sanctuary of love, care, Christian nurture, strong family support, and an opportunity for education in a Christian environment.  (For more information about this organization, see www.theshepherdshome.org.  


The practical consideration is that food, clothes, housing and education for a child in the Shepherd’s Home costs $1200.00 per year.  These costs are met through donations and sponsorships.  We would like to share with you the story of the child we sponsor:


After Evans' parents died, he was sent to live with an aunt in Ndendesu. However, she could not take care of him, sending him out into the streets to fend for himself. Neighbors took it upon themselves to care for him when they could, and on good days, if a neighbor had given him some food, he attended school.  At the time, Evans was 7 years old.


One day Evans, who had not eaten for a long time, went into a grocery store and asked the owner for 5 shillings to buy some food. The grocer chased him out of the store, telling Evans to “Go away!”  Not long after that, two thieves entered that same store and stole 5,000 shillings from the grocer. The grocer came to believe that the theft of the 5,000 shillings was a punishment from God for having sent away the little boy who needed 5 shillings for food.


So the grocer ran out into the streets looking for Evans. When he found Evans, he apologized.  He took Evans into his home, fed him, and began looking for a good place for Evans to live. The grocer had heard about the Shepherd’s Home and took Evans there. 


Evans is now living in the Gilgil Home.  The Gilgil Home provides a loving environment where he is well cared for.  He is safe and enjoying a good education.  Here is a 2012 slideshow of Evans:


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January 16, 2019


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