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The Reverend Susan L. Scranton


The priest in charge of our family at Grace Church is the Reverend Susan Scranton.  Susan came to Grace Episcopal Church after a three-year search in 1997 and has truly been a part of our family ever since.


The Rev. Susan Scranton was ordained as a deacon in June of 1994 and ordained as a priest in January of 1995.  She was installed as rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Glendora on December 7, 1997.  Previously she worked as assistant rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in San Pedro, where she was closely involved with the teens and children and also headed up many successful stewardship campaigns.  Rev. Susan is an accomplished musician, holding a Masters in Music as well as a Masters in Divinity. Rev. Susan came to Grace with a long list of accomplishments and talents, and her enthusiasm and hard work are assets to Grace Church.


Tending to the congregation on a daily basis, Rev. Susan has not only become our spiritual leader, but has become a member of our individual families as she attends birthdays, graduations, and many other family gatherings.  She is truly a warm, understanding personality that cares for people and the values of family life together.  She has helped raise many of our children as members of our Youth Group and helped them walk into adult life, presiding over several weddings of children she has watched grow.


Susan was raised in Long Beach, California and now lives only moments away from the Church; she calls Glendora her home.  She is involved in most community events and has become a highly recognized spiritual leader of our City.  She not only tends to our parishioners, but is the business leader of the Church as well, representing Grace with the Los Angeles County Diocese and surrounding Episcopal Churches.


She truly understands God's message and holds all of us closely.  We are very blessed and lucky to have her presence at Grace Church.



Assisting PriestJim 003

The Reverend James Seipel

In the Fall of 2015, Grace Episcopal Church formally welcomed The Reverend James Seipel and his wife Elizabeth to our parish.  While not a stranger to Grace Church, we met Father Jim when he served as supply clergy for the 6 weeks prior to the arrival of Reverend Susan back in 1997.  Ever since, we have enjoyed his presence on a regular basis when Reverend Susan was on vacation or absent.  So it is fair to say that we have known and enjoyed his pastoral service for almost 20 years now.

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